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comfortable silences?

There we are – guests (as airlines like to call their passengers these days), waiting anxiously for the boarding announcement of the day’s first flight. There’s an uncomfortable silence in the air. I go back to a childhood memory – to a family evening on the porch. Dad has a book and a comfortable chair,…

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Guru purnima – a time of grace

Today is a momentous day. It’s the day when the first yogi (adiyogi) decided to become the first teacher (adiguru) and showered his grace unstintingly for a month on the first disciples of yoga the world knew. Seven spotless rishis emerged out of this unique happening and established the path to spirituality that many of…

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Fidelity vs. Volume……..

Bigger! Faster! Better! The focus on amplification seems to be ingrained in us these days. Everywhere we go, we see an effort to increase throughput and voice the thought aloud; recently, linear increases are considered inadequate, we want exponential increases! Look around you – and chances are you’ll stare in the face a company touting…

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