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Science, Religion and spirituality

Science celebrates the intellect. It teaches us to create things and make life better. Religion gives us a framework for living It consoles, connects and uplifts the heart. Most importantly, it imbues a sense of belonging. Spirituality helps us with perspective and acceptance of paradox. It teaches us to experience life without filters. We need…

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Musings on Life’s purpose

The last few weeks have brought on smiles, chuckles, frowns – a rainbow of emotions – an invariable event when the World Cup is on. This blog too tended to stay away from brooding for a few weeks, however a question from a friend got me reflecting back on more heady matters. The question was…

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Eulogy time..

A good collegue, a friend passed away this morning. A gentle man devoured by a ravaging cancer. Over time, the disease took away his appetite,  his mobility, his stamina. It could of course do little about his smile, which continued to shine through – amidst  grimacing pain. It’s this smile, and his gentle habit that…

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