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Why do we meditate?

I know there are lots of great answers to this out there. It keeps us focussed, peaceful, and relaxed – and a lot more. Meditation gives me a reason to laugh at myself – and I love it for that reason. It shows me paradoxes. I have a thousand random thoughts swirling inside me every…

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A walk around a mountain

When we meet a vastness that we cannot fathom, we are drawn into a different space. This space is inclusive – and we realise – indeed feel – ourselves to be part of something that is larger than us. This is why I believe sitting by the beach and watching the sun set or gazing…

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Multi-tasking to multi-focus

A decade or so ago, multi-tasking was a much revered skill. People would flash it in their resumes, coffee corners would resound with whispers of the star who could do many things at the same time and supervisors would put that up as a skill to acquire proficiency in as you made your way up…

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