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Song of the Rain

Its raining and the drops patter on my windowsill. I smile in contentment, a hot brew keeping me company. At such times, the soul sings - and what better time than to savour Gibran's celebration of rain?

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Happy Independence Day

The Independence Day is a day of celebration, a precious reminder to offer our gratitude to the generations gone by for teaching us the power of freedom and making this possible; and a day of hope – for what the future will bring. The right time in short for being enchanted by Tagore’s magical, visionary…

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Christmas time

So we are alive and well! The Mayans’ it turns out were predicting quite something else ( loss of india’s cricketing dominance even on turning pitches home maybe?) and not the end of the world. We get therefore to celebrate Christmas 2012 – and celebrations and sparkling conversations are holding center stage  around the world.…

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A hero returns

Imagine you are a soldier, returning home after a long and hard battle. As you near home, your heart swells with anticipation, your strides get longer and bells go off in your head. You instinctively touch the gifts you bear for your loved ones and your heart aches for the comforts of home. At this…

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