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I am delighted you stopped by. Let’s get started achieving success. What do I have to offer you from two decades of leadership experience? Just two things – I am sure you’ll love them, though.

I have a gift – some call it naivety – for seeing greatness in people (including ourselves). When we understand each others’ genius, work becomes play, and success ensues. Join me in playing Sherlock and unleashing greatness by tapping into people’s genius. 

We will also learn to use magic-potions  (Books, Super apps and automation) to double our productivity in half the time. You can decide what to do with the time saved – watching a movie guilt-free every day would be my choice.

Through it all, I promise you a chuckle and a laugh. As the wise man said, “why so serious – it’s just business!”

Does it look like I am selling snake oil? Plugin your email ID and subscribe. You’ll find that this site IS the cat’s whiskers. AND – all the wisdom is free – for now! You can thank me with tears of joy later!

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Subra is a people's leader with an entrepreneural mindset.."
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Gopi Mandala
"Subra is an inspiring leader, a potent mix of tech and soft skills with the right amount of humour and spirituality thrown in, an all rounder!"
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Karthik Sundaram

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