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You do awesome work. So why should Your B2B copy be boring? I specialize in bringing alive your greatest "Digital with a Purpose" work and sharing it with the world. Contact me for fun, clear, engaging copy with quantified success tracking. Say hello to copy that converts!


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Your "best" story

Leaders.and the work they do make incredible combinations. Blog your story now!

Sample Leader profile post with 30000 LinkedIn views in 2 days.

Technical masterpieces

Showing off your cool Digital and technology work through white papers, reports & presentations..

Sample: 7 counter-intuitive truths of successful Digital Products

Story goes social!!

Content strategy across Newsletters, Twitter threads, Facebook posts and LinkedIn.

Sample weekly newsletter that has a 50%+ open rate

Playbooks for the team

Convert your genius thoughts into a practical workbook for your team.

Sample Practitioner Ebook to transform your leadership.

How does a Digital Writer work?

As a Technology Leader, you do extraordinary things. But you don’t have the time or the writing skills to share it at large. And yet you know that by not sharing it with the world, you are missing out on some great marketing opportunities. For today, the “message is the medium.”

Having worked twenty years in Digital Technology,  I understand your world, the actors and the messages that will resonate with your audience.  Indeed this service started as a personal web-page to share my views. As I saw the stories resonate with  my audience, I realised there were thousands of entrepreneurs and SME leaders who have great stories and may want to share them with the world too. 

 If you are one of them, feel free to reach out using the form, and I’ll get in touch right away. Or just drop in a note to say hello – it’s always great to meet a kindred soul!

Email/call: Step 1: We’ll talk about what you want to share and your audience

Videocall: Step 2: We’ll do a Zoom workshop to capture the details.

Email + video call: Step 3: The draft will land in your mailbox!

Do note that all the content will be SEO-ready (so you don’t need to hunt for one more pro).

You can check out my detailed LinkedIn profile here.

Like what you see? Drop me a line, and let’s take your greatest story to the world!

What Readers say

First of all, you write so beautifully and eloquently
Sumitra Gomatam on the leader profile post
The tao of Sumitra Gomatam
Awesome Subra So much to learn from you and your posts . I don’t need to look further
I'm not the sort of person that goes for coaching, but what can I say... Tom came at the right time and the right place. Thanks man, you helped me become myself.
Amazing material. Thanks for sharing.

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