Amazon BUYS MGM. So do we have an amazon bond now?

Welcome the Amazon Bond!

Coming soon to a theater near you.

I am Bond, James Amazon Bond. I enjoy my Vodka shaken, not stirred. Just make sure it’s from the Amazon Go store!

Ok, that was a lousy attempt – but this week has been notable for Amazon buying MGM studios, including all its inventory. And that naturally includes the James Bond stuff.

So how would Amazon tap into the immense possibilities that the James Bond Franchise provides?

At the very least, we can think of one central character joining Bond in future movies. The ubiquitous Alexa. She may be commanding galaxy missiles, shopping lists, or time travel – we don’t know yet – but she is sure to be there. And Q may hand over futuristic products (say BlueOrgin rockets) to Bond to go after the bad guys.

We may also see a new retail market for Bond merchandise. The imagination boggles at what this could entail – but Amazon has the perfect supply chain, captive audience, and retailing ability to make it a blockbuster.

And then there may be series spinoffs – maybe a James Bond series exclusive to Amazon Prime (like the Bourne series?). James Bond games – perhaps this could be the entry for Amazon into a new market?

The possibilities are endless. Heck, maybe Bezos will try his hand at acting (either as Bond or as one of the villains – as one meme pointed out, he does look remarkably like Dr.Blofield!).

What do you think? Are we likely to see more of Mr.Bond in the coming days after the acquisition? And what would be your hope?

p.s: The story is a little more complicated. Here is a good summary of how complex the Bond licensing rights are – but knowing Amazon, they’ll find a way around it all!

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  1. Alexa in bond movies! Bond flirting with her than the heroines. Good prediction 🙂

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