What’s Clubhouse got to do with Dharma?

Clubhouse and Dharma – did I just use these words together?

Yes, I did! And I’ll tell you why.

There’s a beautiful Sanskrit word Dharma which among other things translates as one’s inherent nature.

Sweetness is the Dharma of Sugar.

Flow is the Dharma of water.

Bitterness is the Dharma of Politics..

You get the idea right?

Now I would argue that profitable scarcity is the Dharma for Business. You find something scarce that people want. And voila you have a successful business!

Where does clubhouse fit into all of this?

I am coming to that.

Clubhouse for the uninitiated is one of the most popular Digital Hangout forums. It has the following features:

  1. Only available on iOS for now
  2. Access is invite-only (only existing members of the community can invite you or fast-track your application)
  3. It’s an Audio-only app. No text/comments/Video/ ppts etc
  4. Only accessible in real-time. There’s no out-of-the-box recording, replay capability.
  5. At a given time you can log into only one clubhouse meeting
  6. The meetings are humans talking to each other and designed for the least interrupts. There are no algorithmic ads or real-time prompts while in session. People talk and the content vanishes post the talk.

If you notice all the features are zeroing in one super-scarce commodity – attention.

Looking more closely

And if you look closer, they have taken technology’s fundamental nature and artificially made it scarce. And that’s one incredible act.

Technology wants to be free as a rule. You can copy files, mix them, and add further media (video, comments). Your can access your assets anywhere and anytime. That’s the reason technology is so pervasive. Its fundamental nature makes it easy to replicate, transfer and access at a very low cost.

And Clubhouse has successfully turned the logic on its head. It is premium because it is not accessible easily. You need to be on IOS and be invited by an existing member. It requires your active presence – you cannot multitask being on the site. And it works in just one format (audio). They have made a USP of scarcity on something that is fundamentally expansive in nature.

And I think this is very interesting. DRM did the same thing for music and books. The Clubhouse App has taken the concept further. Would you agree?


Clubhouse website:

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