Isha Grace of Yoga

Isha Grace of Yoga: Understanding Of The Architecture of life

This year, I enrolled myself in the three days online Isha Grace of Yoga program. This was my first online Isha program. Knowing how intense their programs are, I wondered how this “online’ experience would be. As in all the Isha Programs, you leave feeling blessed. This post shares my thoughts instead of the program’s content. The program itself is experiential. You have to be there to experience it.

In the very first Isha program I attended, Sadhguru advised us not to go by the words but by the examples the teachers were setting. In that program, a young Brahmachari led us. He had traded his global traveling lifestyle for Sanyas, and set a very high benchmark. He was serene, detailed, punctual, deeply caring and exuded a high sense of devotion. As I attended more programs, I discovered that the volunteers were naturally caring. And the full-time volunteers were immense founts of knowledge and experience. The program was in large part successful because of the tremendous grace and care that these volunteers exhibited.

This program was led by a very caring Teacher as well. Everyday morning and evening, he would walk us through each step, provide endless reminders and ensure we were prepped for the further sessions. He took time to answer questions in detail. Indeed, his optimism and devotion made me do things in earnest. There were also two live sessions with Sadhguru laced with profound insights, meditations, and trademark humor. A dedicated set of volunteers worked in the background to ensure that every aspect was in place. They took care of shipping program material, online experience, handling Q&A – remember this was Global and had multiple time zones. They brilliantly orchestrated the whole program.

What is the Isha Grace of Yoga program about?

The program explored the five base elements (Pancha Bhutas) per the Vedas. These are Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Space. The program culminated in the spectacular Pancha Bhuta Kriya ceremony conducted by Sadhguru himself. What made the program special were some very simple yet far-reaching ideas on appreciating the elements in our everyday lives.

At the end of the program, you didn’t see different things, but you undoubtedly saw things differently.

Everyday happenings are miracles, and the program helped me appreciate this as I participated in the meditations and sadhanas. I left the program with an enhanced sense of wonder at the enormity of creation. I also felt blessed at living in such a dependent and magical world. When you realize the foundations of your existence, you cannot but be awed at the sheer complexity and interconnectedness of life. Thanks, Team Isha for providing this excellent program at large.

Where do we go from here?

For new behaviors to get internalized into our systems, we need a mandala (40-48 days). So for this program, we have to follow a set of practices for the mandala ahead. These include simple ones like being more aware of what we eat, etc., some rituals, and some asanas. Together, they promise to make the coming month very fulfilling.

As I type this post, I think about our Sages – since historical times. They have been generous in sharing their learnings, architecture, and practices with us. When we begin to look at the stars on a clear night and wonder who we are, where we came from, and the meaning of life – our sages smile and show us the way with all the wisdom from the ages. There’s a benediction at work here. Let’s bow down before all the knowledge and understanding and experience life with joy.

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