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Learning Agility is the way out – it’s Newbie time!

All the gurus say, “Learning Agility is the only thing that will help us succeed. “

But Why?

Kevin Kelly, the Master Technology futurist explains the reason brilliantly in his super #book “The Inevitable“.

We are – and will be – perpetual newbies in the coming years.

But why will we stay Newbies all the time – won’t we become experts?

The answer lies in the direction and momentum technology has established. Three aspects ensue:

Need for Learning Agility – Factor 1:

Most of the important technologies that will dominate life 30 years from now have not yet been invented,

Kelly, Kevin. The Inevitable. Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Therefore we will be newbies learning. Think about the technologies that are in vogue now – how many were mainstream even five years back? Immense improvements in areas likeSpatial Computing, Quantum Computing, Bio-tech are happening as we speak and will give rise also to totally new technology and use-cases that have not been invented yet.

Need for Learning Agility – Factor 2:

New technology requires endless upgrades. It’s harder to maintain than create. And the upgrades will make the system even more complex.

Right from our Mobile Operating Systems to our car software, upgrades bring new features and fix problems – many we didn’t even know we had. And yet additional features increase complexity and the need for maintenance. The more the complexity, the more we will need to learn as a society to keep it going.

So we will remain in the newbie state for a long, long time!

Need for Learning Agility – Factor 3

The cycle of obsolescence is accelerating. You won’t have time to master anything before it is displaced, So you will remain in the newbie mode forever.

Kelly, Kevin. The Inevitable. Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

With daily updates happening, entire products go out of vogue in a couple of years. And even if we want to hold on to our trusted products, since they are so connected – and each connected part is upgrading, we don’d have a choice. The default choice is upgrading.

So what does this mean for us?

Endless Newbie is the new default state for everyone, no matter your age or experience.

Kelly, Kevin. The Inevitable. Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Better to come to terms with it rather than oppose it and fail! Staying up-to-date with trends in our domains is now a must. And that requires endless learning.

So learning Agility – here we come!

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