Writing for Social Media

Writing for social media – my unique approach

Writing for social media can turn out to be a wonderful discovery.

I publish on three platforms. I use LinkedIn for short posts, Twitter – for tweets – and my blog for random and longer posts. And boy, how different these platforms are!

I guess the best way to describe writing on these platforms is by comparing them to the lords of creation, maintenance, and transformation.

Writing for Social media – Twitter

Twitter is all about creation. Some creations survive the test of time; many disappear in the blink of an eye. Hustle and showing up are a way of life. She who is seen most is rewarded. Strangers can make a Demi-god of you or bring you down – equally quickly.

It’s Exhilarating but can be fatiguing.

Here’s what my twitter feed looks like right now – as you can see its pretty eclectic!.

Writing for Social media – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is for the incremental innovators. Get better slowly, but surely. Earn a certificate here, win a promotion there, share a thought paper – mostly on what everyone else is talking about (Cloud anybody!).

Want to meet your friend, boss, neighbor, professor, or that celebrity author for a friendly chat? LinkedIn is the place for you.

Think of LinkedIn as a dose of Stability with a hint of innovation.

LinkedIn is reassuring.

Here’s the link to my LinkedIn activity!

WordPress spells transformation!

Not in the business sense of making millions over three phases using exquisite jargon! It’s a process of destruction and revival. A forest tree dies and composts to provide fertile ground for other forest inhabitants. That’s what a long post can do for you.

As you write things – you think them through, and the cobwebs get swept away. Many ideas that seemed alluring disintegrate in the writing process. Amidst all this destruction, a new idea is born. The idea may eventually find expression as a creative thought on Twitter. Or it may manifest as an innovation on LinkedIn. The blog provides the manure for the seeds to flower on the other platforms.

How do you look at platforms, and what is your platform-writing strategy?

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