bike chain number one

Get on the dance floor. We are number one!

How does it feel to be a Big King in a little pond?

I’d say it’s wonderful.

I just realized that for the keyword combination “wise leader secret”, Google has ranked me – 

not number 10, 
not number 5




Here’s the thing. Very, very few people search for this combination – it’s a tiny little pond. 

But it feels awesome all the same. The size of the audience shouldn’t matter when it comes to experiencing happiness. 

Which “little pond” achievements have you celebrated today?

Being the best dad to your only child! 

Winning the awesome-est spouse award!

Being a delightful daughter to your mother?

The most considerate team lead to your team?

The very best friend to – your best friend!

Happiness is the goal. The size of the pond doesn’t really matter.

Enjoy playing King! YOU ARE NUMBER ONE.

And if you want to read that Number 1 ranked post – it’s right here for you. Or type in “wise leader secret” in Google and watch the magic unfold!


  1. Missed seeing this earlier. Congrats Subra! Size of the pond does not matter! First step for many more such milestones and accolades.

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