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And it’s a wrap. Reliving The Wonderful 90-Day Daily Writing Journey!

How did I get into daily writing?

The Social Media Gurus gush about Building your audience, Showing up every day, infinite leverage, etc., and make it sound like a Christmas cake.

I want some.

And in a moment of unguarded optimism, I sign up for 90 days of daily writing.

Boy, am I in for a ride! A THREAD of my experiences week-on-week.

Week 1: The rubber hits the road! Beginning the “Daily Writing” challenge.

I start bright and early with Lots of enthusiasm. I throw in everything into the posts – videos, images, SEO.

Things start getting hard on Day 3.

There’s perspiration but no inspiration. This is followed by a dash of exasperation – and even exhaustion!

My mood is as bad as my poetry. I hang on somehow.

On Sunday, Rayar Mess, a traditional, vintage cafe, delivers breakfast. And that sumptuous food recharges my soul – and my writing.

So remember, Idli has POWER. May the IDLI be with you!

Week 2: The manager saves the Day!

I decide to go full-Manager mode. Make things predictable – even boring!

I choose a journal app (Day one) and pen in topics for the next 5 days. I block early morning slots on the calendar.

When the going gets tough, the tough go Managerial!

How about the topics? I write about avoiding distractions, showing up every day. As the man said, eat your own dog food.

This week is easy. Was this what I was so afraid of? Is planning the hack to complete my marathon daily writing challenge?

Week 3: In Gods, Markets & Books we trust!

Gods, Markets, and Books are a writer’s best friend.

If you are an Indian, a festival is always around the corner. It’s as certain – perhaps more so than Death or Taxes.

Somewhere, a retailer is announcing a big sale at this very moment.

And an idea is waiting for you in the library.

Bank on these, and you’ll never be short of topics – I promise!

Festivals, markets, and books provide joy outside and bliss inside. I check off one more week. Life’s good.

Week 4: Say NO!

Welcome to the wondrous world of NO!

We can SAY NO to a thousand things in a hundred ways. We’ve said yes to so many things over the years – saying NO can now be a full-time job. And guarantee enough posts for a week.

Reclaim your attention, your time and write 4 posts – that’s what I call productive.

What do you do with all the time saved?

Take Einstein’s advice. He says children reading fairy tales become intelligent. I wonder if I qualify as a child – being in my forties.

But then remember Einstein also said – age is relative…

Week 5: Maradona triggers Memories

Maradona, the genius footballer, dies.

He reminds me of the mid-eighties, and I became nostalgic. To quote Charles Dickens, it was the best of times and the worst of times – at least in the world of sport.

We won against Pakistan in Australia, lost against them in Sharjah. Boris Becker becomes the youngest to win the Wimbledon. And we saw the Maradona Magic win Argentina the World Cup.

This week is Maradona week – the other posts write themselves.

Week 6: We want Downgrades too!

A late-night DIY session on my PC reveals there’s an ample opportunity traditional organizations are missing. They allow you, even encourage you to upgrade but not downgrade. It’s a status game. Just try asking your credit card company to downgrade your card!

The Digital companies get it (e.g., SAAS software plan). The topic takes up two posts with a lot of engagement.

Week 7: Jewel’s priceless advice on choosing friends

I read about Jewel’s cautionary mail to her friend Tony Hsieh about his choice of friends. She advises him to befriend folks, not on his payroll.

It gets me thinking about culture – what do we treasure? I realize my Grandma had most of the answers. Maybe it’s time to go beyond the hustle culture.

Week 8:All about Questions!

Too many questions pop up this week.

Why do I write?

What does success mean?

How do you enjoy idle time best (follow Jerome K Jerome’s advice!)

How do you keep a diverse team with very different viewpoints on track?

The answers safely land me into week 9.

Week 9: Celebrating a Milestone

I hit 60 days of daily posts. Yahoo!

I turn introspective and come up with 12 lessons. My favorite is writing everyday rewires your mind to look for stories. Everyday situations and friends provide the best stories.

I decide to do a major revamp of the website to solve issues readers face while subscribing. All of which gives me enough to write this week.

That’s not accurate as it turns out…

Week 9 – part II: Playing AirPods Detective

I lose my AirPods on the street and play detective using the “Find my AirPods” feature. The experience turns out to be an exploration into product design – and 2 posts!

My car breaks down on Christmas Day. I discover a mechanic who teaches me how a master and an assembly line worker look differently at Metrics. And importantly, serves me great tea!

Week 10: A Philosophy & Cricket cocktail

I am in philosopher mode. I reflect on the need for balance. Can truths coexist? Why don’t people ask for help?

There’s excellent news on the cricket front. India draws the third test match, and this jolts me back to ground zero.

We are 4 posts done this week – I am getting a hang of this daily writing thing now!

Week 11: The joy of reviewing books

A chance conversation with a colleague reminds me that I have been leading teams for two decades now.

Leading a team teaches you a lot about yourself. You understand how you react in challenging situations, what motivates you, and what scares you.

Leadership is one of the best tools for self-awareness and growth.

Carlo Rovelli inspires me to start reviewing books. I revel in the wonder and poetry that an inspired man of science can evoke.

And week 11 is over.

Week 12:Of Corporate Appraisals & Life Appraisals! Daily writing is a habit now!

From the Cosmos, we come down to Corporate life. It’s the Appraisal season, and a few posts result.

The last match of an intense series is on between India and Australia.
In the heart of the battle, India’s captain remains calm and smiling. He ends up walking away with the trophy. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

I write my second book review – a book I have read and reread many times. Siddhartha turns out to be my longest post at 3000 words and interestingly ends up kindling a lot of interest.

Amidst all this, Week 12 ushes past.

Week 13:And the Grand Finale….

And so here we are. It’s actually day 89, not day 90 yet. But what’s 1 day in the eons of time – or for that matter, in a marathon effort of 90-days of daily writing?

Thanks for being with me on the journey. It means a lot.

And if you haven’t yet subscribed to the weekly newsletter – DO IT ALREADY!

Talk to you on the other side.Thanks again for being there my friend.

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  1. Lovely 90 days of extraordinary writing and some exceptional thoughts on leadership, life lessons Subra. Enjoyed all the 13 weeks.
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  2. WOW Subra….amazing 90 days….enjoyed your posts. They were like a tonic. Quick one spoonful, keeps you energized for the day !!

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