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How To Experience 15 Minutes of Pure Joy Today!

“I experience enough joy already – why do I need this post?” you ask.

Congrats. But take a few minutes to reflect on our condition anyway.J

As a society, we are increasingly becoming more goal-oriented. Our goals decide who we meet, what we do, and even what we think about.

This may be inevitable given our push for achievement. But it makes us highly strung, we lose the joy of play.

I’d like you to try something – for just 15 minutes today.

Lose the agenda. Embrace your humanness. Experience freedom.

But what should you do in those 15 minutes? Anything that you love. Here are some ideas for starters.

Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long while.

A friend or a school mate is perfect.

Catch up on the news. Gossip. Laugh. Go full child mode.

You’ll make their day – and yours.

Do a random act of kindness, just for the heck of it.

Donate a small amount anonymously.

Help an elderly person cross the street.

Help wash the dishes.

The smiles you’ll generate will make it more than worth it.

Surprise a loved one with a little gift – for no reason!

A book you know they’ll love.

A ticket to a show.

A little toolbox.

Gifts open hearts, especially of the giver.

Have fun saying thanks! Go creative with Digital tools.

Send a heartfelt, personally – designed thanks message using Custom Emojis, crafted words, poems, visuals.

Today’s Digital tools are yesterday’s lego bricks. Unleash your inner child!

Time travel. Dip into experiences you loved as a child.

Read a few pages of your favorite childhood book.

Watch a favorite family show.

Play a loved family board game.

Enjoy the waves of nostalgia wash over you.

Indulge yourself. Treat yourself to something special.

A favorite dish.

A power nap.

A much-loved song.

A mini-run.

You are unique. It’s worth reminding – and rewarding yourself – frequently.

And my favorite. ….let your thoughts overflow

Meditate – just watch your mind purge itself.

Journal – Pour your thoughts onto a page.

Yoga – allow the body to release its tensions.

Free yourself of baggage. Get ready to fly to higher things!

There you go – 7 ideas to spend 15 minutes for yourself.

No agendas. No goals. No audience to please. No business to run.

Just experience your Inner Joy. And watch it spill over into your day.


  1. Wonderful ideas Subra. The 15 mins to be just ourselves, really too good to read and great to practice it on a daily routine to a possible extent. Simple tips to keep mind and body healthy to stay happy

    1. Well said – yes it’s an attempt at getting the mind, body and spirit to function well (and they do when they are relaxed 😀)

  2. Nice post subra. I love to Indulge myself whenever get a chance..power nap… fav shows

  3. Reading the list … my mind voice… oh yeah!!! there are so many little things that we can do for ourselves apart from fav “Power Nap” 😉 Wonderful!

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