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Celebrating India’s amazing victory. A leadership story in Tweets.

What a fantastic cricket match we witnessed today. We saw skills, character, and leadership in full display. India won – but even had it lost, we would have appreciated the team’s positive attitude. And that in a country of passionate supporters is something unique.

A lot of the credit goes to Captain Rahane, who exhibited some super leadership skills. Here are a few that caught my attention.

This post was inspired by a nudge from Ramjee – so if you like it, you know who to thank!

Experts can be wrong. Leaders shut out the doubters and focus on the task at hand.

The above was what the experts predicted. A few were gracious to accept they were mistaken.

Rahane never acknowledged the expert predictions or responded to them. And he never ever spoke about having a weakened team. When a leader ignores negativity and believes they can win, so does the team.

Stay polite, be aggressive in action

Harsha says it best.

Celebrate your opposition’s success too

Handing over the signed shirt to Lyon for completing 100 tests was a grand gesture. The best leaders understand that it’s the quality of the opposition that makes the victory special.

4, Leaders lead from the front. And that is infectious.

Rahane had the best strike rate in the final innings! His aggressive innings made it clear India was not going for a draw but aiming for a win.

Back your intuition. And the team will do the rest.

Picking Washington Sundar for his batting skills over Kuldeep’s experience was genius. As was promoting Pant up the order. Those were ultimately bets on people – which could have failed. But the folks delivered – and in style. And don’t forget he backed Pujara when the latter drew flak from the Media – and Pujara’s stonewalling was instrumental in getting us across.

During times of success, stay back and let others in the limelight.

Rahane’s Tweet speaks for itself.

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention Subra 🙏 The way you’ve translated them into lessons for leadership absolute gem of a post. Gills useful 91 and Pants courage were too good to see us through on the final day.. Overall a great Teamwork and Rahane’s brilliant leadership sealed the series

  2. I believe with 36 in Adelaide and Kohli returning home, everybody pretty much wrote off this team. Pressure off, no expectations, the team fought back brilliantly with nothing to lose. 83 world cup finals repeated ! Lesson: our own high expectations are the shackles. Live everyday like you have nothing to lose or prove.

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