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8 Leadership Myths you should be aware of

I’ve heard these 8 “Leadership” myths time and again and found them to be untrue. Have you encountered these too?

Leadership Myth 1: Leaders are always charismatic extroverts. 

Truth: Introverts make great leaders given they introspect more. Susan Cain makes a remarkable case for Introverts as leaders.

Leadership Myth 2: Leaders are confident all the time. 

Truth: Leaders experience a lot of doubt. 

As the physicist, Carlo Rovelli says, “Genius hesitates.” The best leaders embrace their vulnerability and self-doubt and use them as guideposts for their decisions.

Leadership Myth 3: Leaders take only data-driven-decisions. 

Truth: The best leaders marry intuition with Data and move forward. 

Data helps, but speed is essential too. For instance, Jeff Bezos advocates moving forward when you have 70% of the Data you need.

Leadership Myth 4: Leaders take significant risks all the time 

Truth: Leaders take many small risks and innovate all the time. But they tend to be very careful with big bets because they understand one very wrong move can ruin the company. The best Leaders are not Gamblers!

Leadership Myth 5: Leaders’ only read Business and Management books 

Truth: Most leaders have eclectic tastes. They draw inspiration from Philosophy, Math and Science, Religion & Spirituality, Art, Biography, Literature, Fiction, and everything else!

Leadership Myth 6: Leaders don’t make mistakes. 

Truth: The best leaders make mistakes all the time. But they don’t repeat the mistakes. And they usually catch the mistakes themselves first.

Leadership Myth 7: Leaders get lucky more often 

Truth: The best leaders create their luck. They try more things than others. These leaders can differentiate causality from correlation. They succeed because they have contingency plans for “bad luck.” And they have the wisdom to understand and accept black swans that they cannot influence. 

Leadership Myth 8: The leader is the smartest, most knowledgeable person in the team. 

Truth: The best leaders choose to hire people smarter than them. And they ensure everyone works synergistically toward a bigger goal.


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