Being Digital is Being Human

What does Digital have to do with being human?

“Being Digital means Being more Human” is now a cliche. What does it mean, though? If you are ready, let’s go visit some curves!

The curve on the left is your typical product curve. When we buy a car, we buy it at its best. It has all the features it will have in its lifetime and functions at its best. Over time, features get dated, and efficiency also drops. In other words, the product’s utility decreases over time. 

Let’s think about human relationships. When you meet someone for the first time, you are mere acquaintances. Over time, you both get to appreciate each other more and turn into the best of friends. Your appreciation (or utility) for each other has grown over time. This is the exact opposite of the product curve.

Digital companies tell us they increase utility over time. When you paid for your Amazon Prime membership a few years back, you paid for faster shipping. Amazon music, movies, and books were added over time, making your membership even more valuable than when it started. Tesla provides over-the-air updates to magically increase the car’s range – you can now drive much more on a charge. Indeed, you can even get features like autonomous driving capability this way. Your car is indeed getting better with time.

Digital isn’t fully comparable with humans – the scenario isn’t perfect. Human relationships scale way better. But it’s a good start. And when people say being digital means being human, they actually are making sense in this context. Would you agree?

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  1. Lovely post Subra. Glad I could get it hear from you as well. Nectar drops when you explain stuff in such an amazing way🙏👌👌

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