Too busy for a vacation

Too busy to take a vacation?

John tells me he really wants to take a couple of weeks’ vacation. But he’s too busy; things are too tight at work. 

“Even if I take a week off, I need to take my laptop with me – I can’t just switch off,” he says.

I remember an anecdote from one of Ricardo Semler’s books. One of his employees is facing a similar dilemma. The guy needs a vacation, but he cannot get away from work. Without him, work at the office will come to a halt – or so he thinks. Ricardo asks him what he would do if he was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

“Well, I’ll take sick leave for a month,” says the surprised employee,

“Imagine you have the disease now and take your vacation!” replies Ricardo.

The anecdote is not word-perfect (my memory doesn’t enable that!), but I trust you get the idea. Ricardo brings a startling perspective to situations, right?

So use the “Tuberculosis” solution, John. You no longer have that “the whole world depends on me” excuse! Have fun, take that vacation now!

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  1. I’ve used Tuberculosis solutions and had encouraged many in team to take such important vacations for themselves. Thanks Subra. Nice post

  2. Vacation from work alone is no good these days……it should also be from our ubiquitous digital devices….else, it would never be complete

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