Revisit Favorite

New bucket list? How about revisiting a favourite?

The best things deserve revisits. You cannot absorb it all on your first try.

The best books are those you read and reread. And reread again – and every time you come away with new insights.

You love to hear your favourite songs on loop. You discover the song’s hidden layers. A new note, lyrics, a rare instrument, or a beat mesmerizes you on each listen.

Movies are the same too.

When you spend quality time with family, friends, colleagues, and mentors, they astonish you with qualities you never suspected they possessed.

And if you are contemplative or devout – meditation and prayer reveal hidden depths upon repeated practice.

So here’s an idea. We always have bucket lists for the things we want to do anew, best sellers we want to try, and celebrities we wish to meet. Should we also have a plan for stuff we already love – and would like to get even more acquainted with? Shouldn’t we favour our favourites?


  1. While in school days, we do revision. It has its powers, helps kids enable that part they either forgot or get a new perspective all about it reading second or third time. Such how nice it is Subra revisiting our favourites be it book travel or movies. It’s an emotional time travel indeed at occasions

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