Asking for help

Why don’t you ask for help? You’ll be astonished at its power!

Asking for help is one of the most under-rated skills today. In fact, I’d call it a super-power.

But we have many things stopping us requesting for help.

  1. What if he thinks I am ignorant?
  2. What if she refuses to help?
  3. Am I taking advantage of her time/ goodness?
  4. Maybe I just need to work a few more hours, and I’ll figure it out myself.

Point 4 is acceptable – if it doesn’t happen repeatedly. As for the others, they are just excuses. Nobody’s thinking about us (point 1). As for 2 and 3, good friends will be upfront on their availability – so there’s absolutely no harm in asking. On the whole, people are more than willing to help (think about it, wouldn’t you help if someone asked you?)

If you become good at asking for help from the right person ( someone who is competent and has the desire to help) at the right time, you will make immense progress.

This week, I put the above to the test. Here’s what happened:

  1. I asked a customer service for some help, and he was happy to spend time educating me on how their product integrated with other systems
  2. I asked a friend how to share content optimally. He spent time walking through options and even getting me a few leads
  3. I asked for some help with a review of this site. I got feedback that would have made a pro proud – intricate, detailed stuff.

If you are still on the fence, ask for help now. You’ll be surprised at how helpful people are. And how much progress you can make with some expert help.


    1. True subra.Asking for help is a skill and right thing to do many times. point 4. Many get stuck in spending that extra hours instead of getting it fixed by asking right help. again that goes back to point 1 🙂

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