Balance - New vs. Old

Perhaps there’s no single truth? Do we need a balance?

A Twitter guy is rubbishing Blogs as so 2003. He feels only Twitter matters in 2020 – sorry, 2021.

Further down the timeline, a gentleman is dissing Offline courses. This guy feels only cohort-led cases matter.

Someone drops me a note to ditch the written word and go YouTube! But why drop me a message and not a short video? 🙂

People see the need to hype one thing at another’s cost. Can’t we live in balance – cannot stuff coexist? Can’t we work on multiple platforms and learn in various modes simultaneously?

In the Technology world, too, this is common. Agile enthusiasts holler that only Agile works; others are dinosaurs. For the Micro-services fans, their tech cures all ills – perhaps even Corona!

Amidst these strongly expressed voices are the cheeky ones. They whisper that Agile is Fragile and equate microservices with macro-problems. It does take all types to make the world!

We need fanboys – they move the needle forward. However, I believe popularity is transient. Bell-bottoms and jeans follow each other. Or if you prefer Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter will come in turn. We need them all. Everything in life is relative (except universal values like kindness and truth- called dharma in the Vedas). One trend or technology fades into oblivion while another zooms into prominence, albeit with some bells and whistles. Welcome to the cycle of life.  

I like to think of specializations as figures on a sliding scale. Time makes a thing more popular or less. But you get to choose where you place them on that scale. If you love writing long-form, invest your efforts there. It’s time will come. Perhaps not tomorrow, but the day after. Always remember that summer is just a season away! Nature loves balance.


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