Fixing website incorporating feedback

The new site is up! Thanks for the feedback.

The good part about working in the open (or what we call the Digital way) is that feedback comes early. Early feedback means you only need a weekend to fully reorient yourself.

Over the last few weeks, I got the following feedback:

My two-site strategy was confusing. The layouts were different, and people weren’t sure if they had to subscribe to both.

People liked the screengrab on LinkedIn or Twitter (so you didn’t have to move away). However, there was an ask on the font’s darkness (this one preferred form over function!).

One of the sites was a little slow – their servers are probably in Antarctica!).

I had non-similar handles for Twitter, LinkedIn, and the domain name. All Indian prΓ©cis, complicated ones! How could I make it easier?

Well, this weekend, I rolled up my sleeves and got work. I am happy to report most of the work is done.

The new consolidated site is up and running, and you’ll find the performance is better. The subscribers from the earlier site have been migrated, so there’s no need to re-register – you are all set! The new site also has some cool fonts and a blurb format, so scrolling is effortless. All the earlier domains redirect here – so this one is the goto from now on.

Subscribing is super quick – you can subscribe directly from here or from the website. On subscribing, you’ll join 320+ leaders in getting a free, fun, informative 4 minute read with leadership tips and posts every Friday in your mailbox. Try it!

There is still some work left to do – I plan to finish those in a week.

An article a day adds up fast. We have an efficient search engine, but I need to get a structure to help you find stuff you like quickly.

And finally, the weekly newsletter design is to be updated. The plan is to continue with a minimalistic design but with more added interaction.

The tagline “A little bit wise, a little bit nice, no vice!” drives the agenda. And your feedback refines the strategy and content. Thank you for all your inputs.

Here are the updated handles for your reference. As always, ping me at the below for any more feedback:
Twitter: @nmsubra


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