Why do we meditate? A unique and surprising insight.

Why do we meditate?

I know there are lots of great answers to this out there. It keeps us focussed, peaceful, and relaxed – and a lot more.

Meditation gives me a reason to laugh at myself – and I love it for that reason. It shows me paradoxes. I have a thousand random thoughts swirling inside me every moment, and yet – I also somehow face writer’s block! I talk about how the world should conduct itself, and yet every few seconds, my mind escapes into unknown vistas! The absurdity tickles me!

Some thoughts surprise you – you never knew you had these. We have a specific image of ourselves, and these thoughts don’t belong. How did these slip in unnoticed?

But you can’t throw them out – try, and they’ll come back with double the force. But watch them with a touch of amusement, and you’ll notice them go off in a whiff of smoke. That’s super fun.

And just when you think you are meditating…

Sometimes, I’d think I am profoundly meditating. And someone would ring the bell. A sense of annoyance would arise. From where does this come? When you realize that it takes only a bell or a drawn curtain to disturb your deep meditation, you cannot help laughing at this meditative you.

We aren’t perfect (after all, we are humans with many quirks), and meditation allows us to see this with an accommodative but mischievous eye. And the more you laugh at yourself (no malice, just good-natured ego-poking!), you become lighter, and the other benefits trickle in too. Laughing at ourselves is therapeutic and provides a happy response to our tiny presence in a vast world. And that is why we meditate. This in itself is worth the meditation effort many times over. Would you agree?

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