Want more success? Pick unique skills and a signature style!

Today, deep specialization is encouraged everywhere. When you are an expert in two or three things and can deliver outstanding results using them in your signature style, you become a game-changer.

I was recently conversing with Raghav, a good friend and senior IT leader. Raghav, at heart, is a technology guru. He also has a deep understanding of everyone’s aspirations, skills, and strengths in his vast team. He has a fantastic memory of data points going back a decade ( his duration with the company). Therefore, he has thumb rules for everything – and they mostly work! This potent combo allows him to deal with a large number of mission-critical projects simultaneously.

If you are a writer, being an illustrator or a good speaker is a big plus. If you are an IT People leader and have a good grasp of the technology involved, it’s a bonus. A singer who also has useful insights into production values sets herself apart, as does a Civil Servant adept at using social media. Multi-skilling doesn’t make us better at our core skills, but it helps provide a platform for better reach.


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After twenty years of playing IT leadership roles, I am taking some time off to read, reflect, and share thoughts on Leadership and Technology. I am specifically interested in how we can use these to further our success. You can find my work at https://nsubra.com and 2-minute daily posts at https://angulam.in

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  1. Very true. In today’s world of commoditization and instant-gratification, developing a unique / signature style can hardly be overemphasized. Knowing our strengths and maximizing it would be key.

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