How do you resolve people conflicts into win-win situations?

How do you resolve conflicts into wins?

Masters delight in finding solutions between “yes” and “no.” They understand life does not work in binary and let context decide the outcome.

Thenmozhi Radhakrishnan and her team are masters, dealing with thousands of Digital gurus every day.

How does she do it?

Her genius is in getting everyone aligned around the question, “are we doing the right thing for our unit?” In an emotionally-charged atmosphere, this question is hard to ask. They need perspectives, conversations and deep insights to make it happen.

  1. Ensuring everyone understands both the letter and the spirit of organizational policies. We need a common understanding of what’s non-negotiable.
  2. Access to “Field” level information. Her team knows the people, history, and potential to validate perspectives
  3. An intuitive understanding of where each stakeholder needs help
  4. Ability to continually move concerns upward and solutions downward

This model can help all of us. You can’t go wrong when your feet are on the ground, eyes are on the target, and our heads float in clouds of inspiration! Agree?

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  1. Lovely post Subra. perspectives, conversations and deep insights are integral to any place, situation and topic that’s how as adults we can resolve conflicts and arrive at a rational option .

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