Treasure hunting an Airpod!

It’s always a joy to see a product deliver on edge cases.

Yesterday, while walking down a street, I realized I was missing an AirPod – it had fallen down without me noticing. That presented me an excellent opportunity to test the ‘find my AirPods’ feature.

I turned on the search and discovered I had to walk back a hundred feet. As soon as I came within pairing distance. a buzzing started. And then when I got really close, the AirPods started emitting a sound helping me to identify it easily. I checked the pod for damage, there was none.

The whole effect was like a treasure hunt. Good stuff.

Can it become better? Well maybe a floroscent, dancing AirPod would be even easier to locate than a white one emitting sound. But that said, I am pretty impressed with how seamlessly this feature works and how robust the product is.


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