Science, Religion and spirituality

Science celebrates the intellect. It teaches us to create things and make life better.

Religion gives us a framework for living It consoles, connects and uplifts the heart. Most importantly, it imbues a sense of belonging.

Spirituality helps us with perspective and acceptance of paradox. It teaches us to experience life without filters.

We need all three to live well.


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After twenty years of playing IT leadership roles, I am taking some time off to read, reflect, and share thoughts on Leadership and Technology. I am specifically interested in how we can use these to further our success. You can find my work at and 2-minute daily posts at

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  1. Despite Technology can be argued as one of the branches of Science in recent years has created it’s own league. It has ushered us into a global village. More power to Holos and Google Glasses of the future!

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