Live a full life with Science, Religion, and Spirituality.

Let’s look at Science, Religion and Spirituality and and how they help us live a full life.

Science celebrates the intellect. It teaches us to create things and make life better.

Our standard of living is driven by Science. Our understanding of the universe is furthered too by Science. In a way the spirit of inquiry that science epitomizes is what moves the world forward.

Science also helps make the earth more connected. We are able to travel the world, mingle with new cultures, learn new things – all thanks to science.

Here’s the thing, anything good taken to an extreme can turn upon itself. We need to be wary of unleashing powers we don’t understand – and can’t control. If we can manage that, science is truly our beacon for a wealthy and healthy life.

How about Religion?

Religion gives us a framework for living It consoles, connects, and uplifts the heart. Most importantly, it imbues a sense of belonging.

Religion is the perfect consolation for everyone. You cannot share your worries with the world, but religion provides an outlet to emote. Religion also holds out hope – with no preconditions. You can talk to your God on any challenge and not feel judged – that is a benediction.

There’s one more awesome thing that Religion does. Through everyday rituals it brings God and culture into your life. For those few minutes, you can forget world transactions and surrender ourself to a forgiving, compassionate God. And that is a life saver for most people.

Spirituality is all about experience

Spirituality helps us with perspective and acceptance of paradox. It teaches us to experience life without filters.

The world is complex, science allows us to zoom into one aspect and use it to our advantage. Spirituality takes the other approach – it allows us to see the world in all its richness and paradox and be enthralled. Spirituality transcends the intellectual mind, it relates more to experience. For a few moments, you are one with the world experimentally.

We need all three – Science, Religion, and Spirituality – to live a “full”l life today. They all come with their own constructs. Appreciating them for what they can do for us makes our life so much richer.

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  1. Despite Technology can be argued as one of the branches of Science in recent years has created it’s own league. It has ushered us into a global village. More power to Holos and Google Glasses of the future!

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