Delight your customer by being first time right!

First Time Right is not just good for operational efficiency but also for delighting your customers.

SuprDaily is an app-based service delivering our daily milk and grocery. I love their customer onboarding process.

On signing up, they start delivering in two days. I wondered why they needed two days – don’t today’s firms promise instant service?

The reason appears to be this. SuprDaily has the delivery man validate your address in person and fit it into his route. This check ensures smooth service from Day 1 – they want to be “first time right”. This gentleman is also your go-to person for custom asks. If you want early delivery for a few days, you let him know, and he will rewire his route. These simple, human workflows are effective.

A Dyson customer service engineer schedules a video-call with me. He sends me the logistics and is also open to using an alternate app if I prefer. His pre-checks ensure we have a productive meeting. He will help resolve the issue end-end, and this gives me peace of mind.

Here’s a final example. We celebrate many festivals here in India, each with its delicacies and rituals. Our local grocer calls us a day before a festival to see if there’s anything we need. If there is, he will gladly deliver it on his next run. It’s a lifesaver.

Per-checks and dedicated personnel are essential even in the Digital economy (maybe even more so!). They ensure business efficiency and customer delight, whether it’s for onboarding (SuprDaily), scheduling (Dyson), or ensuring sufficiency (the local grocer).

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  1. Indian market is now with lot of choices has its pros and cons. But yes most of the new age startups have invested good in getting the customer delight right. Or else everyone is aware Amazon is right around the corner 😁

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