The leader with the boomerang!

COVID impacts required clients to rethink strategy. They needed to be online and offer “wow” experiences. Prakash, our Practice leader, brought teams together to help our clients succeed. Clients, sales teams, design gurus, internal teams, vendors all loved his leadership.

He could get people from different backgrounds to work well together. As a consultant, he had excellent collaboration skills. Here, he was using the “boomerang” to great effect.

The boomerang is a simple idea. We keep going back to one question, “how does this help our customer solve her problem?.” When groups had conflicts, Prakash gently drew us back to that question. When we felt someone didn’t understand X (customer/technology/design/process), he’d point us back to the customer’s need. Keeping the customer at the heart of every conversation works magic.

There’s nothing like getting everyone to wear the customer’s hat all the time. And leaders who enable this are the need of the hour.

Would you agree?

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  1. Being customer focused helps the Service Industry thrive and outperform. Some legends take it to next level, Customer Obsession – Bezos

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