How to achieve success? Try a mindset word!

A “mindset word” aligns you to success. Sukumar and Kumaran introduced me to the power of the mindset word a few years ago. At that point, I had just started Yoga and wished to stay aware of what I ate, my thoughts, and my emotions. I, therefore, chose “Mindfulness” and loved how it helped me steer life.

Today, as I embark on my writing sojourn, many new things demand my attention:

  1. What topics do I write about?
  2. How do I resolve technical issues on my blog?
  3. How do I get the pulse pf my audience? I need to understand what topics people love.
  4. How do I reach the people who will benefit from this most?
  5. What kind of experiments should I run?

I need a mindset word to help me joyfully address these. The phrase I am choosing is “Problem Solver.”

Once you decide to solve problems joyfully, your outlook turns positive. Little niggles that disturbed you become friends. You see them as a ladder to success. And should life situations change, you can always swap your word – it’s as easy as changing old clothes for new. It’s a life-changing approach – try it! Thanks, Sukumar and Kumaran, for all the great sharing through the years.

I’ll leave you, readers, with a question – what’s your mindset word?

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2 thoughts on “How to achieve success? Try a mindset word!

  1. Nice mindset word Subra. Problem solving joyfully is awesome and the feeling while we finish solving is a complete level of satisfaction. For me probably it is health and will stick to an age old tagline Health is Wealth.

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