Can you write a precise email like this guy!

My friend is reading a “precise email” with a big smile on her face. Seeing my puzzled look, she hands it over. It reads:

From: AA (Sender)
To: BB (recipient)
Subject: Re: Collaboration initiative


I look more puzzled now.

She: You don’t get it, huh?

Me: Nope.

She starts explaining as to a child.

She: K stands for OK, which stands for Okay.
LM does not stand for “little monkey.” It means “Let’s “Meet.”
D is for Desingacharya Padmanabha Manoharan. Which, by the way, is his name.
Get it?

Wow, this guy is the king of Efficiency.

I wonder if the Apple team has met him yet. They’ll realize their iPhone mini is jumbo-sized. Heck, even the Apple Watch is too big. It’s time to introduce the iRing; the time for a little finger wearable is here?


P.S: K – stands for ok, which stands for okay, L – like or comment – please!, S – See you soon.

Ok, it’s your turn now to type out an even more precise email – get started already!

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