This is one Company Culture you would love to be part of…

What does a great company culture mean to you? Here’s what a few professionals like you shared with me. 

1. Psychological Safety (a supportive environment)

2. Entrepreneurial 

3. Friendly

4. Big on learning

5. Non-judgemental (accepting of individual preferences) 

6. Has a “purpose” everyone on the team understands 

I love this list. But let’s get greedy for a minute.

Is there a “holy grail” word that captures all of these fantastic cultural attributes?

Turns out, there is one. I found it tucked inside #TCS‘ Ex-CEO Ramadorai’s autobiography, “The TCS Story…and beyond.” 

That word is “Collegial.” Or, in other words, a culture that resembles your college life. 

Ramadorai uses this magic word to describe the culture that the legendary F.C Kohli built during the early days of the Company.

Savor the word “Collegial.” Isn’t it lovely? Is there any positive emotion it doesn’t evoke in you?

I am sure you are now back in time, imagining fun times on a bench drinking coffee and debating endlessly on how to change the world. Are you recalling a time when nothing seemed impossible and out of reach? A time when friends meant the world to you – and nothing was big enough to please a friend. A time when the world looked promising and inviting – it was welcoming you to make a dent in it! Does “Collegial” invoke carefree weekends and extreme projects both at the same time? The word is magical. For many people, its character forming and represents the best part of their life.

There’s a hidden bonus too!. Collegial Cultures include two additional values -“being Idealistic” and “feeling young” for free!

Is there another word you know describing incredible company culture?

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  1. Great to know that Subra. Indeed collegial culture fosters better trust and productivity. Nice to know stalwarts mind behind in bringing it in the industry

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