Its an upgrade economy!

I am up late downgrading my PC Operating system to a lower version. It’s harder than I thought.

Upgrades are easy. All you have to do is share your credit card details. And a wizard will do the rest. Downgrades are a marathon Do-It-Yourself job. This does not seem to be an isolated case.

Our businesses appear more centered around “upgrades” than “customers!”

Upgrades are easy – be it for airline tickets, hotel rooms, or credit cards. They are also pleasant, you can expect great deals and big smiles. As for downgrades – well, life can be tough!

But times are changing. Sustainability and minimal living are popular. I wonder if a downgrade-friendly service is the next BIG business opportunity?


  1. Sustainability and minimal living are popular. So true, the American mindset is also changing to trying to have a world view rather than a US PoV, where it all ends time will tell 😊

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