Grandma’s leadership advice for first-timers!

“I am now a leader! What is your best advice for first-time leaders?” asks a young colleague. “And no business jargon. Tell me YOUR truth!”

OK, here it is. My Grandma passed on a secret that always works.

“Miss a wedding, but never a funeral.”

When our team members go through personal tragedies and professional setbacks, we should be there to support them. Each team member is unique. Some talk through their problems. Others just need us to be with them. A little unasked time off may help. Sometimes, we’ll need to tap into our network to help solve a sticky problem. Often, all that is required is a kind word. Whatever it takes, you should be there for the team.

How about the successes (or, to use my Grandma’s words, the weddings)? Do attend them if you can. But if you can’t, no worries. Success always has enough friends!

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After twenty years of playing IT leadership roles, I am taking some time off to read, reflect, and share thoughts on Leadership and Technology. I am specifically interested in how we can use these to further our success. You can find my work at and 2-minute daily posts at

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  1. Nice post Subra. Guess the Tamil equivalent has also been told umpteen times in many 80s movies. Kinda it gives meaning to our culture as well as to how close and knit we are as we ensure to be around during hard times..

  2. Very powerful leadership message told in a very simple sentence that people can relate and understand. Grandma’s words can make Grand Masters of Life. 🙂

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