Sharing is your Job!

Many people want to share their knowledge via a tweet, a LinkedIn post, a conversation, or a blog. But they don’t. Why not?

They fear the audience already knows what they have to say. “It’s nothing special.” is the refrain.

Remember, your audience isn’t you. Your experiences, learning, and background are unique. The knowledge you are withholding could be the very thing they are seeking.

I ask Balesh, a successful consultant, for his views. Balesh tells me his clients value his contributions. While they know their product, his experience allows them to scale. It’s a win-win.

Some readers will go, “Yeah, yeah,” and move on to their next task. Some of you will feel encouraged to begin sharing; this post is for you.

Start today! And keep sharing for 30 days. The right audience will find you eventually; your job is just to keep sharing.

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