Choice vs Default

Default vs. Choice

In my last post, I said I like Defaults, as a rule. They save us from the pain of too much choice.

I was asked to elaborate, so let’s buy some coffee!

Buying a cup at the corner store is easy.

Me: Get me a coffee, my good man.

Counter guy: Here you go, sir.

And we are done. Contrast this with a Gourmet shop. 

Me: One coffee, please

The Barista (why is he called that? ) rolls up his sleeves.

We start with geography. Which coffee beans would you like? Would you like them dark or roasted? We run through the map and settle on sun-tanned Columbian beans. I’m not sure why.

We then turn biochemists. Would you like milk? If yes, from which species? How much fat should it contain? Would you like some H2So4?

I look pleadingly at him. But he’s a nutritionist now.

How about brown sugar? Or zero-calorie sugar-like but sugar-free stuff?

Measures, heat, and cardboard characteristics are still to come. I guess they don’t need a coffee buyer; they want an Encyclopaedia Brittanica!

Buying a bun (ok sub) shop with veggies is even more challenging. They must have over 500 combinations!

Choices are good. But I don’t want to use all my brains for bread and a cup of coffee! For such items, please give me the default every time!


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