Are you kidding? It’s Q&A time!

The launch of provoked many questions.

He: I hear you are taking a sabbatical. Are you okay, no dizzy spells or anything?
Me: Yes, I am in good health. I took the sabbatical to spend time writing and focusing on…
He: Got it, Got it! But are you really doing well? I know a good doctor….

She: The website looks fantastic. Did you really build this?
Me: Absolutely. I toiled day and night and brought in all my expertise…
She (addressing her son): See, website building is easy. Even this uncle can do it.

He: Why are you building this thing?
Me: I am doing this to further the community of leadership….
He: But why aren’t you charging for it?
Me: Will you pay for it?
He: That was a hypothetical question.
Me: How do you spell “Hypothetical…..?”
He goes off to buy me some sweets and end the conversation.

She: Wow, great quotes! Where did you pick these from?
Me (wounded): I used my memory and ability to connect the dots…
She: That’s not possible! You even forgot the way to your own house once!
Me (sheepishly): Well, that’s true..but…

Build a website or go on a Sabbatical. Better still, do both at the same time. Trust me, it’s great fun 🙂

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  1. Loving the Humor Subra. It is an essential ingredient while conversing with you which comes out beautifully, now reading them is awesomelyfunny dot com 😀

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