How to find your niche in an information-surplus world

“Everything is already available. You just need to know where to find it,” my good friend Ramki tells me. If you search hard enough, all that can be said has been said. Every bit of information is accessible. Thank you, Internet.

What is it, then,  that a person with a point-of-view brings to the table?

Jack Butcher gives us a clue.

The chances the information you’re sharing is already out there in some shape or form is 99.99999%.

People just buy your version of it.

You are the medium.

This is a compelling point. The information is out there. Processing and sharing the data make it unique.  The story that speaks to the audience at their level and context will connect.

Jack shares another thought elsewhere, which helps explain this further. Everyone – including yourself – is both a teacher and a student at the same time. We learn from those who have trodden our path before. We share knowledge with others who haven’t yet reached where we are today. There’s always room for one more teacher!

There’s one last aspect to consider.  Here’s Naval Ravikant’s fascinating perspective on the demand and supply of information.

The surfeit of information overwhelms people, and they lose the desire to learn. Therein lies the opportunity. If your message resonates with your audience, it will spark an interest to explore further. The right idea presented to the right person at the right time can shape her thinking and transform her world – and ours.

2 thoughts on “How to find your niche in an information-surplus world

  1. Nice post Subra.. it’s so true that learning access is ubiquitous, but may be because it is there people go lethargic and the eagerness to learn becomes diametrically opposite to the abundance of learning platform

    1. Good point Ramjee. The good news is there will always be an opportunity for us to find our niche 😀

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