Musings on a rainy day

The cyclone is approaching. The winds are increasing, and the rain is thundering down. I barricade the doors, secure the windows. I remove objects that can fly off the balcony and hit pedestrians. It’s a couple of hours of hard work, and there will be a cup of filter coffee to cheer me at the finish. I muse on how much harder life must be for the volunteers working to keep the city safe.

A friend works for the Government. The state machinery is working very hard to relocate people and keep them safe from the storm. It’s hard work; he’s thankful his family is elsewhere. He feels it must be challenging for the people he’s helping as they relocate to the shelters.

A gentleman is relocating his family to a government shelter. He’s worried about what will happen to his home. And yet he says a prayer of gratitude to God – at least his family will survive the storm. What about his friends who weren’t as fortunate?

We tend to compare the quality of our lives with others.

Isn’t it curious that when faced with a life-changing event (a big storm or a life-threatening event or in the face of ruin), humans survive, comparing themselves favorably with people who suffer a worse fate? We tell ourselves a story that we will come strong. Nature has dealt us a better hand than our more affected brethren.

When we don’t get a good raise/ bonus or that promotion, we are aghast. We compare ourselves against those who seem to have got a better deal and feel sorry for ourselves.

In short, big things get us to act. It’s the little things that make us fret. I’m sure there’s a moral in there somewhere.


  1. Not quite getting it Subra. Kinda open ended one at least on the morals for the readers to interpret 😊 and may be it’s just the musings about such a fate every other year Chennai has been facing. The post gets one hard to think how as humanity we would come to resolve natures fury, could take several decades to do. Lotsa wise folks and time needed

  2. That’s a great lesson on how not to fret over the small things…
    Well written, simply said.
    Keep going Subra 👍👍

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