Hurrah, we have a 30-day-streak of daily journal posts!

Today marks the 30th installment in my 90-day series. I am one-third complete! Thanks to everyone who read, liked, and commented. I owe you one.

“Wait, but there are only 28 posts,” says the incorrigable math guy. Where did he spring up from?

“I also did a couple on LinkedIn, including one on launch day. So it adds up the magic number,” I reply and move on before he asks me anything else.

Every milestone is an opportunity for reflection. I learned a lot from thirty days of writing. If you plan to embark on a habit journal, these notes may come in handy.

Habit building works best when you make time for it. Slot an hour every day and start typing away. It doesn’t matter if you are inspired or not. This hour is “fingers on keyboard” time. Let Asimov and PGW be your beacons.

Ninety days is a long time. It only seems short if you are a CEO of a public company, with a market to please. It’s best to take it a day at a time. Don’t feel guilty if you drop a day or two (I hope that math guy is not around!). You are building a habit muscle, not looking to score in a compliance competition!

We all have a lot to share – but, we must take the time to reflect. Carve out fifteen minutes for reflection or use your shower or drive time.

The length of the posts doesn’t matter. The content should dictate how large a post should be. It takes time to perfect this art – it’s ok to get it wrong and iterate.

It’s best to write in simple, short sentences. But complex, long ones are easier to craft! Don’t let anyone fool you – simple is hard!

When you commit, something magical happens. You cannot buy more time, so you begin eliminating tasks to free up time. You are becoming a master of No. “No” is a life-skill – it will serve you well in every part of your life.

Daily posts require significant editing efforts. Having an automated writing assistant helps quash spelling errors. It even helps resurrect sentences. My go-to tool is Grammarly.

Your posts may feel unloved at first, but keep going, and the audience will come. Getting views, likes, and comments is a blessing that keeps you motivated. Thanks a ton, everybody – you are angels 🙂

Ok, now, let’s proceed to the second leg of the journey.

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  1. Many congrats Subra phew 30 days gone by.. feel like the math guy is another manifestation of yourself 🙂 like one of those Vishnu’s avatars.. “simple is hard” very powerful statement and true Subra. Steve Jobs mastered it quite gracefully

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