Say No and free up your time – and attention!

Getting good at anything takes time. And practice.

This weekend, my site went live. Subscribers started coming aboard, and readers shared wishes on social media. To thank well-wishes and welcome subscribers meant I needed to free-up a few hours. I ended up saying No to several asks. Saying No is always hard. Once done, the sense of relief is immense.

A gentleman desired discussion around crypto-currency on LinkedIn. I saved my (and his!) time by telling him that it wasn’t a priority. Later in the day, a friend wondered if I would be interested in supporting a few projects. We agreed to an X but not Y approach – he was free to share/ use the blogs for his project work. However, my time was off-limits. Then, there was a popular, high-value course offered at a considerable discount. Mouthwatering, but a lower-priority item (for now). I passed it up. And finally, I decided to go on a unfollow spree on Twitter. I unfollowed handles I respect but whose content was not on my priority list. I am genuinely amazed at how many I can unfollow – I am currently unfollowing ten every day.

When you say No a lot, you can say yes to more things that matter. I subscribed to a writing program. I also have joined a community exploring Digital models.

“No” is a potent tool. But, it’s a tool we are often hesitant to use. Do check out my post on how a master of No operates. There are some cool ideas. Or you could decide to say No to the post 🙂

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  1. Nice one again Subra. The Twitter unfollow one I too did, unfollow spree is certainly good like amul butter 😀

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