How to succeed? Notes from a reading of #Essentialism.

Priority is singular, so pick your top-most goal and make it your priority (thanks for this Essentialism reminder, Greg McKeown). 

Write that priority down. 

Now, review your day:

1. You are what you think. What did you reflect upon today? 

2. You are what you consume. What did you read/ view/ listen to today? 

3. You are what you share. What did you share today – where and with whom?

4. You are what you do. What did you act on today?

Remember, you have only one priority. Did you spend at least an hour today thinking, consuming, sharing, and working on your priority? 

Congrats, you are all set for success – this formula/ daily practice works!

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  1. Looking back at the day and reflecting upon is a great way to prioritize. Focus and concentration are elements that would help in succeeding this.have to read on the essentialism

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