Friends and Genuine Humor make a super combo!

Our life is full when we have friends who can laugh with us and at us with no malice. Over the last week, WhatsApp (of all places) showed me this truth emphatically. Friends from my college group came up with entertaining quips, friendly leg-pulling, and sincere support – these are invaluable in today’s world.

Friends at work are a similar breed. I am lucky to have many, and the camaraderie and banter help move things along nicely. When leaders exhibit such behavior, teams follow. I bring this up to a friend at work, and he shares an interesting observation. When we start our careers, we all experience this malice-less and unconditional rapport. It is the passage of time (and pyramid climbing!) that have made this less common. Pyramid climbing, in particular, can give you agendas, which puts people on guard. That’s the watch out – people always have a funny bone; it’s the agendas that play spoilsport.

I see this play out on Social media too. There are genuinely fun handles – they have us laughing and at no one’s expense. There is also Satire; we need a true story-teller to make it enjoyable, though. Irony and Satire have their part to play – they get us to reflect on broader issues. It’s the others – masquerading malice in the form of humor that is a bore! Indeed, we have to resort to our friends, unfollow and mute, to safeguard ourselves against these!

I know appetites and mileage differ for each of us. What type of humor attracts you – as a creator and a reader?


  1. Good pleasant read Subra. Humor is ultra Essential for all of us as it keeps us Humane 😀. One person we all know who is at left right and center for all types of Humor is memeking Vaigai Puyal 😂😁 have a lovely Sunday

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