Happy Deepavali!

Deepavali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, is around the corner. Let’s pray to Goddess Lakshmi for showering her blessings on the world, banish disease, and usher in happiness for everyone.

Deepavali is simple, playful, and yet has enormous spiritual depth. New clothes, sharing of sweets, a head bath, some firecrackers, wishes of friends and family, and the blessings of elders – you couldn’t ask for a better prescription for any festival – ever. Laughter, Gratitude, and Grace descend upon the whole community as they celebrate with colors and lights.

This year, given the crises, the economy and commerce are a little muted. But joy and sharing are there in abundance. You may not have a new car, but you care, and you share what you can – and that’s all that matters.

It’s also priceless for spiritual seekers. We pray for the Goddess’ grace to help us discover the light in ourselves and all around us. It’s an act of willful surrender that can provide ultimate freedom.

Let me wish you and your family a happy Deepavali. I pray for your health, success, wealth, and joy in the coming year.


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