Book sequel time – your friends are back!

Mickey Haller (the central character from Conolley’s super hit book and movie Lincoln Lawyer) is back. I always felt he was one of Conolley’s best creations and this unexpected treat (after a decade) made my day.

This year, despite the virus, the sequels are coming in strong. Last month, the third Jack Brigance thriller arrived. The book is vintage Grisham, a top-notch courtroom thriller,. Robert Galbraith (the pseudonym of J K Rowling) sent in her fifth Cormoron Strike and Robin Ellacott book a couple of months ago. This is a must-read for fans of British detective fiction.

I find book sequels more appealing than movie franchises. Books by their very nature draw you into the mind of the protagonist, and you end up relating to the characters. A sequel has you welcoming a friend back after a while. You know what he’s like and you like him for who he is. But he’s also changed, and you are keen to hear the details. Perhaps, this is harder to capture in the movies.

There’s also another reason I feel book sequels work well. In a world of unexpected happenings – familiarity feels comfortable. The novelty of a new story with known characters is like having a traditional cake with a tweak to the topping. You have the best of both worlds. What more could you ask for?

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  1. “I find book sequels more appealing than movie franchises. ” Very true Subra and most of the times movies are inspired from books

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