Books in my library – you are what you read. Habit Journal Day 15

Books have kept me company for the longest time – though of late, the kindle has been my mainstay. It’s time to show them some love, dust the bookshelves and catalogue the books. I have an unspoken desire too. If we are what we read – the books would probably give me an insight into who I am!

I am in for a surprise. There are way fewer business and economic books than I expect. I try salvaging my pride rationalising that I have lent out many of these. It doesn’t work – I don’t seem to be a business and economics at heart guy!

Wodehouse occupies a healthy space and the most-thumbed. There are pumpkin-sized volumes with delicious introductions by PGW and little ones I’d (consciously) forgotten to return to the library. At this point, the Dalai Lama’s cat shows her face from a corner. She’s an endearing cat who resides in His Holiness Dalai Lama’s residence and shares enchanting adventures. Douglas Adam’s “Last Chance to See” is there too. Only a genius like him could make a subject like endangered species come so alive.

I seem to have extensive collections of John Grisham (and his massive ilk of thriller writers), Bill Bryson and James Herriot. Oh-oh, I seem to spend most of my time reading humour and thrillers! Premium editions of Walden and the Tao Te Ching beam back from tall shelves – they have played guardian angel so many times already! Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s invaluable tiny books ( Value of Values and Stress-free living) are in the most accessible places – as best friends often are.

Nasim Taleb’s tomes are always a mainstay, they clarify thinking – in fact, they are all present on my kindle too. And a hat tip to Greg Mckeown’s Essentialism and Cal Newport’s Deep work – these have taught me how to work.

I am sure this is a very partial list – maybe once I complete the cataloguing, I’ll have a full report. But I would be amiss if I didn’t mention Asterix and the Osamu Tezuka’s brilliant Buddha Mangas – they are so fun that they deserve a detailed post another day!


  1. Brilliant read Subra.. and as you correctly said I am eagerly waiting for your cataloguing to complete now 🙂

  2. Nice musings Subra. Once full inventory is done after full catalogue will be interesting to see the other gems you’ve got..

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