An ode to Distraction in the time of WFH! Habit Journal Day 12

Why have distractions gotten such a bad rap? They provide us with a few minutes (ok a few hundred) of consolation and joy every day. Why would we want to deprive ourselves of this simple pleasure?

Let me paint a picture. It’s Friday afternoon, and you have a report to complete, You are upset with a guy for stealing credit for something you slogged a weekend. There’s smoke coming out of your ears. What better way to let off steam than by tuning into Twitter – where everyone is anyway howling away? You don’t even need to know why they are screaming. Just witnessing the noise is soothing. It’s like having access to WWF 24*7 or a Gaul village fight. Just make sure you aren’t in the ring!

LinkedIn has proven Shakespeare right. All the world’s a stage. LinkedIn users continually share life advice, and endless forwards “for better reach”. Reading the posts, you suspect these angels are here to help us succeed big time. Hold that thought. That angel may well turn out to be the troublemaker from the next cubicle. But remember – the world’s a stage, and we play our parts in it. So switch on your halos and be the Do-Gooder you never were. And don’t forget to pass along endless WhatsApp memes. And the forwards “for better reach”.

There are diversions peculiar to WFH. Domestic duties, walking the dog, watching T.V. channels on mute during meetings – these are WFH specialities. The joy of watching a YouTube video or a Facebook feed during an official zoom meeting is priceless. Make that an extra fun experience when Big Beard from management is taking sermons on how to improve sales for the next year, and you are watching a cat video on the sly. How could you even recreate this in an office atmosphere?

We didn’t even touch upon WhatsApp (the conspiracy machine) or Instagram (instantly forgettable moments!). We already have enough to rest our case. We shouldn’t knock Distractions. We’d do better to elevate them to the status of National Pastime. Would you agree with me?

P.S.: Thanks for adding this post to your Distraction inventory. I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to complete your report soon – have a nice day 🙂


  1. watching IPL when we have call on internal performance league..watching nadal durig a numbers call…many more..teaching kids during defect call…

    Good one subra..

  2. Thoroughly enjoyable Subra.. distractions are something to learn , helps at a point of time to focus.. twitter and LinkedIn real world metaphor are super good your writing style..

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