The Journal Habit – Day 2. Mars, Calendars and all that..

As I walk to my workstation, my gaze falls on the Hindu Calendar dangling from a nail on the wall. It’s a very colourful thing – this Calendar – with images, multiple fonts and lots of notes on it.

Today is Tuesday, a day named after Planet Mars ( Chevvai in Tamil and Mangalvar in Hindi). My phone chimes – a meeting is to begin shortly. As the Calendar opens, I realise there is something very different between this and the Hindu Calendar on my wall. It’s probably interesting enough to be today’s Habit journal topic.

The Hindu Calendar tells us time is cyclical. Tuesday was here last week, it is here today and will be here next week. It has a Planet ruling it – so you ask for its beneficence. If the going is hard, you also have a couple of Gods (Hanuman and Durga for Tuesday) to pray to, and things will be ok. Within the day, there are further repeating periods. There are periods of auspiciousness (Brahma Muhurtha) and times when we should stay away from new ventures (Rahu Kalam). Time is cyclical, and we are part of an ecosystem where Gods, space, time and planets interact with us and each other. So no matter how bad things are today, – there will always be another Tuesday and then another. Do your bit and leave the rest to Time – for the universe will take care of itself and everything else including you.

My mobile Calendar, though, tells me another story. My meeting today is set to discuss a strategy for a client presentation next week. If the outcome is positive, the client will reward us with a project which will lead to more meetings and projects. Time is linear – we are moving ahead and on uncharted territory. It is up to us – and us alone – to make sure we succeed. Should we fail, no God or Planet will comfort you. The Calendar is a one-directional battleground, and you are at the centre of it. There is a weight on your shoulder – and you hope it becomes a chip as you notch up more victories! After all, the success is yours alone – you don’t have to share it with anyone else!

We live thus – as an interdependent being in one world and a hero (or a villain) in the other. One’s comforting and the other’s energising – you get to choose which one you want every moment of the day!

Now, Mars is a superhero planet. Elon Musk would agree – after all, he wants to transport us there! Matt Damon, the Martian would second this. The Indian Space Research Organisation would concur – it successfully has its probe (and on the first attempt) orbiting the planet since the middle of the decade. I am wondering if Mars is the most popular planet just now!

Mars obviously also stands for top-class chocolates – which like the Hindu Calendar – are always there to provide us comfort. We had chocolates in the past, we have them now, and we will have them tomorrow (unless you are on a diet – but you can always call in an exception!).

And so, post some random wandering, we are back to where we started – cyclical time. It’s not a perfect circle, but then when its a perfect world – who cares! Have an enjoyable rest of the day and wait for the Habit Journal Day three edition!


      1. Well a one off journey could be possible but to establish a TfL kind of model will need a century at least 🙂

  1. You forgot Lord Muruga to rescue on Tuesday(s), Subra LOL!

    My son wants to go to Mars and he wants me to travel with him 🙂 Nice write up as always. Enjoyed reading.

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