Happy Independence day India!

Happy Independence day India. And Congo, Korea, and Liechtenstein – all of who celebrate their Independence day today.  And “happy independence celebrations” wishes to every other nation in the world. For independence celebrations not only have an aspect of “independence from something” but an aspect of providing “independence to something” – truly a world that is independent is interdependent – and happily so. We cannot have “independence in a box” – it has to be underpinned by inclusiveness.

Independence from external invaders is what our forefathers fought valiantly for and achieved bequeathing to us a country that has immense resources, culture and a grand people. Thank you – to a generation that lived and died for the concept of freedom – a fruit they earned not for themselves but for all of us. Indeed thank you doesn’t do justice – perhaps a salute is more appropriate. A reassuring “we will take care of India” is something that would bring even more of a smile to our illustrious brethren I’d think?

And we haven’t done too badly – honestly. For while corrupt Politicians, bureaucracy, illiteracy, social ills make headlines – they aren’t  really the only or even major truth. Green villages, the girl child outshining the boy at school, a successful journey to mars, Indian-CEOs leading the technology wave, spiritual leaders taking the message of peace and meditation globally, a bank account for everyone, an army that is the hallmark of grit and innovation to other super-powers, helping our neighbors when they go through calamity, our artists recognized as some of the finest in the world – these are things to be proud of – and shared. There’s no doubt India has its doubts and its challenges, but in spite of that she is walking a journey that is making the world a better place. It’s truly a privilege to be a citizen of this country.

Each one of us bequeaths a destiny for the generations to come. While our forefathers battled territorial freedom – we battle issues due to a strange mix of consumerism and poverty – at the same time. Carbon footprint, work-life balance, artificial ripening of fruits, unhealthy lifestyles, a large population devoid of basic benefits, literacy – are all aspects that demand our attention today than ever before.

The inspiring note really is that many of our fellow beings are doing something about it – and having fun while at it. Kahlil Gibran was right when he said “ work is love made visible” – and when we work in this spirit we include not just great output but also sincerity, compassion, a touch of irreverence and a dollop of fun

Isn’t it time we joined the movement – if we haven’t done so – of leaving the world a little better – and our succeeding generations a world that’s interdependent and happily so? And isn’t it time we shared the stories of success a little bit more – it may bring a spring to someone’s step, a tear of joy and provoke an act of courage. Let’s start with an act of kindness. Today. Jai hind!


  1. A fantastic message to all of us Subra…. what a flow of thought … it starts with a salute to the past generation, goes on into our achievements after independence (in recent past) and then a great guidance to future. Last year I remember a message from you quoting Rabindranath Tagore’s verses … this one today is extremely patriotic as well.

  2. Very nicely thought thru and articulated. Happy Independence day and thanks for sharing some inspirational thoughts.

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